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WomanOnTheMove is dedicated to sharing life’s greatest experiences with you. In this journey we call life, I find myself learning something new everyday! Through my experiences, my background, and my mindset I seek to focus on sharing the two things that make me happy. Hosting/Attending events and Empowering all of you!!

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WOMAN ON THE MOVE – who is she?

Passionate advocate for the youth. Inspirational Speaker. Event Coordinator. Media Blogger. My background revolves around mentorship. I am dedicated to supporting of others, it has always been my dream. From volunteering after school to personally mentoring students on my own, I desire to change at least ONE PERSON outlook on life.  The joy of empowering others feeds my soul. I take my own life experiences and turn it in to life lessons that I can motivated by and use to motivate others. WHY? I have such a big heart and I know how just ONE message can turn things around for someone. If you’ve ever been bored or unmotivated on a Friday night, look no further. Check here for some of the weeks hottest events and if going out isn’t your thing, get motivated to grind and work on yourself!

Erika Entertains & Empowers.

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Your life can change with just ONE connection. – Erika Flythe