Why is it so hard to move on & How do you know when to do it…


Why is it so hard to move on from relationships, friendships, jobs, bad habits, bad people, and all of the above.

The feeling of letting go, of what we know, what we want, or what we love is definitely a scary process to move through. Because really, who wants to walk away from the people, place or thing that we’ve invested ourselves, our time, our energy in to? NOBODY.

But what happens when these things no longer serve a purpose in your life or you’ve outgrown it? Do you continue to suffer through it because it’s what you know best or do you purposefully acknowledge the role it played in your life and make a conscious decision to move on? 

I know It hurts when what used to make you happy, no longer serves that purpose in your life. But how do you know when it’s time to move on and whats the first step in doing so?

In life, it’s important to become a better person and in doing so, there is a gradual process to make changes in your life for the better. Some will understand and then there will be others who simply do not. These people/places/things (whatever they may be) that have been negatively impacting you, don’t want you to change. They want you to stay on the same level as they are on, because misery loves company.

So how do you know when to move on: When your feelings become less important in order for you to serve others, when you walk in to a place and your anxiety starts acting up because you can’t stand being there, when you are hanging around the same people, who are doing the same things, in the same place, all the time, when you don’t feel validated by other things, but by the power of your mind, body, and spirit. These are some sure fire signs, that these places, people, and things are no longer in your best interest.

Disclaimer: WOMAN ON THE MOVE IS NOT IMPLYING that what you outgrow is always something negative, but this is to say that it is okay when things in life no longer serve a purpose for you. Recognize it and embrace it instead of finding ways not to face it.

Ask yourself:

Is how I am feeling now worth dealing with for the rest of my life?

Should I continue to waste time and energy in to this hoping things will change before I begin to seek change myself?

I feel as we grow older, the commonality of not wanting to move on or accept change is engraved in us from life long traditions. (What we see is sometimes all we know and that is not healthy for us.)

The idea of becoming comfortable with what you already know and have, is the ideal that harms us more than it helps us. So many of us are coasting through life doing what you’ve always done because you are comfortable or uncomfortable with making the appropriate changes that fit us, we miss out life! This causes people to truly miss their calling or skip the purpose God has set for their life. People become afraid of the “unknown”, trying to hinder themselves from getting hurt, making them unwilling to try new things, find a new job, find a new relationships, find some new friends, and as many older people even afraid to try some new technology.

Everybody wants the easy way out of life, but guess what there is no easy way out of life. I’d rather fail 100x times trying something new living my best life, than to coast through life holding on to the same things that made me miserable, gave me bad energy, makes me unhappy, that broke my heart, that betrayed me, that stopped my learning, that stopped me from pursuing my passions, etc… What we don’t realize is that we are in some way doing this daily by the places we go, the people we are with, the bad habits we continue to do everyday. WE CAN CHANGE!!

Everyday is a new day to START OVER! Not just Monday at the start of a new week, not just the 1st of the month at the start of a new month, and definitely not January 1st, at the start of a new year. You have a new opportunity to claim yourself and your life back every single day!

I know I know, easier said than done right? This blog was not designed to make you think it’s easy to just change the trajectory of your life because it’s not. This serves as a wakeup call to make you realize that YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE. FUCKING OWN IT!

Go out and grow, be happy, manifest good shit in your life, love yourself, be amazing, and LET GO!

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