R&B Holiday Benefit Concert presented by..

Wow, can you believe we are one month in to the first quarter of the NEW YEAR, ALREADY?!

Man, I don’t know about you guys, but this year has definitely gotten off to a crazy start for me. I’ve been hit with some unexpected jabs, but that’s cool i’m coming back strong with my uppercuts. “I refuse to lose!!!!”

My 2018 ended off so amazing and honestly, i’m still in bliss from the way life exposed itself to me last year. It wasn’t all good, but it wasn’t all bad either. I have realized that’s just how life is going to be. Roll with it the best way you know how.

But anyway, speaking of 2018. I went to this event right before New Years and I just felt compelled to share with ya’ll. These two amazing teams, Revli Management and Deliliah&Co, paired up and brought people together right before the New Year to celebrate the holidays, the love, and great people!

The momentum from this event still gives me such great energy. I wish I could bring the energy from the event right here to this blog, but don’t worry I have some great photos that will show you the energy brought in to that room that night!

The 1st annual R&B Benefit Concert was definitely one to remember. Located in the heart of the city of Philadelphia at the Troacadero theatre, the place was filled with talent, creativity, and an amazing essence that you could live in forever. There were vendors, performances, a barrrrrr, and just awesome people! To kick things off, the beautiful host @iamdelilahdee brought her energy to the front stage and spread it throughout to encourage everyone to have an amazing time, enjoy the performances, network, and to remind us that our attendance is supporting the Ronald McDonald house (What an amazing cause!!)  That was enough for me to be satisfied. My girl @danaspeakslife came through repping her Christian faith to the fullest, make sure to grab her new book now and some nice gear while you’re at it.

Now, let’s get in to the performances!!! We truly had the queens stepping in and shutting sh*%t downnnnnn.

The lovely @mishelsworld came through first and prepared us for the night! She clearly came to slay us with those amazing vocals but even more so in her silver & shiny FASHION NOVAAAA lay, yaaaasssss.

We had fine asssss @itsjulianking coming through the stage and blessing us with locals that were like jewels to the ear. His remake on classic holidays songs made it NOT so bad to enjoy Christmas music.

Talk about closing out the night LITTTTT, @wearegoodgirl came through and had the entire crowd dancing & left us all twerking and turnt up once they performed their latest hit single “I can be yours”

Everything was complete bliss that night and even in the pouring rain… Yes I mean pouring rain. The essence of the evening was beautiful. I was able to network with some new faces and even some old faces, but that’s what makes these events so meaningful!

Thank you again to @delilah&Co along with @revli_management for your hard work in bringing this event together for the culture. An experience to see support and love come together and make one in a dope space.

Check out my video below for a fun glimpse at the packed house and the great time!

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