Vietnamese Pho & Volunteerism -what they share in common.

Work is beginning to feel longerrrrrr than it should these days…

I find the best way to offset that is by doing something you love for yourself. 
So last week started off by allowing a new food to enter into my life. (Yayyyyy!!) If you know anything about me new FOOD is what I am all about. Recently been hearing about the phenomenon of the PHO noodle. And this week, I had the pleasure of experiencing it myself! It was to my surprise that it really is as good as people said. (Not that I think people are liars🙄) but anyway, Pho are these white Vietnamese noodles that are so simple yet so amazing. The flava, the hearty chicken, the high salt intake, I mean what’s better than that?! Since were in the mood of talking about new things, I’ve been exploring some opportunities that will provide me with a different perspective on life! Some of the greatest options I had were through volunteer events! This past week alone, I’ve had the blessed opportunity to impact the lives of youth and families in the Philadelphia area. I couldn’t be more filled with gratitude about it!
FAIR WARNING: These volunteer opportunities are REAL tear jerkers – So pull out the tissues!
CSFP hosted their annual SCHOLARSHIP DAY! That’s right, scholarship day. Families get to find out there child won a partial scholarship to a private school of their choice! 😊 and who was to deliver that news? MEEEEEEEE. (Is that amazing or amazing?) Making phone calls to families letting them know they won, there were tears on both sides of the phone that night!🥰 What a beautiful way to lead in to the weekend. & Of course, the weekend awarded just another opportunity for me to continue to uplift and inspire. Sifting through more organizations where I could make an impact, I came across the perfect program that helps prepare young girls for their journey to college. What better way to start my own mentorship program, then by going out and mentoring the young people myself. Luckily enough, I was able to wiggle my way in to one of Teenshop community service events – which was a hosting a children’s holiday party. (I told you these events were tear jerkers) This Holiday Party was solely for the kids! We played games, served tfood, put on a play, sang songs, and handed out gifts. Seeing the smile on their faces was a blessing, I couldn’t afford to miss out on. ❤️ I mean seriously, I couldn’t think of better ways to give back in this holiday season and I want to encourage you all to do the same, make a difference in one’s life and watch how it changes your own. Ohhh, if you were wondering what Pho and Volunteerism has in common… peep this – Me of course, I experienced them both in the same week duh! haha😊 ————————————————————————- Stay tuned for my upcoming blog on the R&B Holiday Benefit Concert – you won’t want to miss this!

Until next time – ya girl WomanOnTheMove is signing out .. Positivity. Wisdom. Growth

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