Why it’s critcal to protect your energy during this time of the year..

October already? Where in the world is the time going? 2018 is literally over like tomorrow. (Okay, not literally!)  Anyway, let’s welcome OCTOBER!!! Aside from February *Bday Month*, October is definitely one of my faves! I mean, who says NO to scary movies, Halloween, and black cats.. Yeah I don’t think so!

But anyway, as the Winter rolls around for the East Coast , that means the HOLIDAYS ARE APPROACHING! Yes, an amazing time to celebrate but an even better time to as I always say (DO YOU BOO BOO) focus on yourself! BUT It’s also critical to keep a close eye on those around you as well. Research shows that depression and even suicide rates rise during these times of the year. (Oh you want a link . . . hereyougo)

From personal experience, I have even suffered from depression during holidays times as well (For a variety of reasons), but one being that my family just isn’t as close or as perfect as some others portray. (Or at least what social media) and it can be hard to take it all in.  Trust me I get it! but listen, we all have things that we love to do and we need to begin making it a habit of doing those things! Even if it’s small things, it helps create a better relationship with ourselves and that should alwys be the goal. Doing what your love does not mean to be selfish or to stop caring for others, all it is zoning in a little bit of love for yourself. On the flip side of that checking on family and friends is just as vital. Especially those who lost loved ones, experienced recent tragedies, or even those under a lot of stress and pressure from life itself. (Which I think is all of us)  Give the gift of being a great friend this holiday season to YOURSELF, everyone you know, and even those you don’t!

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BTW, here are some Key things I focus on, Faith (If you don’t have faith, what do you have?) Growth (If I am not growing, what am I doing?) and Love (If I do not love myself completely, how can anyone else?) If you have those three things you will be guided and better prepared to begin loving upon other people!

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Until next time,


Positivity. Wisdom. Growth.

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