2018 Philadelphia Met Gala


The 2nd Annual Philadelphia Met Gala brought to you by the Philadelphia Art District Co. was a success. (Yassssss)  Thanks again to our awesome sponsors the Charles Roberts Group @IAmCharlesRoberts & @codaphilly.

Philly! An Egyptian theme was exactly what was needed to loosen up the city. Lord knows, I walked away with some fashion tips and secrets, because the styles I witnessed blew me out of the water.

First of all, thank you to the host @apexlaurent who kept the crowd super litttttttt when they couldn’t stop twerking for dear life, all thanks to @Astro8000. I mean dude, took it old school to new school, back to old school again. I can’t thank you both enough for helping make our vision for a great evening turn in to a success.

If you missed this event, I feel bad for you son….There was 99 events to miss on July 28th, but this wasn’t the one!!

Okay, back to reality now. S/O to DezThaDesigner, for blessing us with the LIVE painting. (In a dimly lit room, he showcased his ability to make his art shine!) That’s exactly what he did when he blessed the event with his Egyptian painting of ME! Alright, maybe it wasn’t exactly me, but ya girl can dream right.. You have to love a man that is not only good with his eyes, but also with his hands. (I mean that in the “cleanest” context ever, I promise)

On top of the music and live art, we had some of Philly’s own photographers/videographers come out and capture the entire night. The guests sure had no issues, keeping @youngkingsmedia busy all night, snapping flick after flick. He pretty much had his own little photo booth session the entire night. I wish I was that popular. If you got any amazing shots done by him, be sure to follow him so you can get them when they drop on the website!

During the planning stages, everything that could go wrong did go wrong, but Philadelphia Art District weren’t taking the sucker way out! We had a vision about what we wanted to bring to our home city and that’s exactly what we did! The trials and tribulations that four young adults faced in presenting something dope to the people were endless. From losing hope on finding the right venue, falling behind on ticket sales, sponsors backing out at the last minute, and almost missing our goal of donation to Philabundance. (Oh, I didn’t mention, yes part of the proceeds were donated to Philabundance) but whew! All of that, mixed with a bit of fear, some frustration, and disagreements between the team, we still managed to make things happen! So, always remember even if things aren’t going your way, it is not the end! You will never lose as long as you keep the attitude of a winner 😉

Thank you to everyone who showed up, showed out, and showed them how it’s done. Until next year, your very own Event Coordinator for the Philadelphia Met Gala is signing out.

Woman On The Move,

Positivity. Wisdom. Growth.

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