Justice or Injustice? Tis the question…

So, many of us have been keeping up with the Meek Mill case. But just in case you haven’t been following what’s going on, let’s recap.

Philadelphia Dreams and Nightmares rapper, Meek Mill has recently been arrested and sentenced to 2 to 4 years in state prison due to minor violations of probation. Probation for which he was sentenced to for a drug and gun case dating back to 2008.

City Judge Genece Brinkley, who is also a Philadelphia native, has been handling Meek Mill case from the very beginning. Even before his journey to fame. The judge has faced some heat in the media since sentencing Meek to doing time in prison which people find her judgement outlandish and exaggerated due to his minor violations. With new discoveries coming in to play, an official investigation by the FBI has been launched to review Brinkley’s handling of the case. According to sources, Brinkley may be a little sour because her private request for the rapper to shout her out in a remake of Boyz ll Men song “On Bended Knee” that she also asked him to do was DENIED back in 2013! Now, i’m not saying she is spiteful or anything, but you never know the lengths people go through to get some revenge. I mean she is human at the end of the day. Hopefully this investigation can lead to some positive changes being made to Meek’s case along with some possible career changes for the judge as well.

Meek’s case is ONE of the many clear cases that show us just how corrupt our justice system is (especially when it comes to our black brothers). It’s not uncommon, a person in power, abuses their position and uses their own bias in decision-making. Especially when they do not get what they want. Nothing is ironic. I think not. It is so unfortunate the way our people are constantly being extorted by the justice system. While there may be justice for some, there certainly isn’t justice for all. It’s about time, we stand up and fight back for what we deserve.

This case, has gained popularity and support from people all over, fellow rappers and sports figures have spoken out and shown up, but it can not compare to the support coming from Philadelphia locals themselves. Members of the community have held Protests, place billboards and buses around the city plastered with the slogan #StandUpForMeekMill in bright lights and even the local small businesses are standing together to show their support. It’s honestly the first time, I witnessed our people come together and rally against something in a long time. Shoot, if systemic injustice of a rapper can ignite the passion for us to come together and fight. I hope it makes us aware of the power we hold when it comes to more tangible things within our society. Let’s brings light to other injustice and witness the change we can bring! Let this just be a beginning to us showcasing our strengths. There is power in numbers, and working together. 

Background of Meek Mill – born in South Philly, and raised in North Philly by a single mother after his father was murdered at age 5. Has worked and grind his way to the top staying consistent in music game.

Until next time, i’m signing off…


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