Spotify & Hulu presents ..Stream Yourself Out. The Tour.


Hey college students, here’s a gift for being good all semester. Spotify X Hulu is bringing us the first ever STREAM YOURSELF OUT TOUR and they are dropping through some major cities this week. So get ready Boston, D.C, NY, and of course PHILLY!! They’re bringing some special guest through to bring you a night of live comedy and performances. This mini tour will cross 4 cities in 4 nights, it began Friday in Boston, next stop DC, they stopped in Philly Monday night & finishing up in NY for the final stop of this tour. I was live at the event in Philly – on South St at the TLA.

With the event being FREE of charge, I hope more of you made it out!

To kick off the show, we had some comedians gracing the stage. To start there was Langston Kerman who wasn’t too appeasing to the crowd. Right up until he began roasting a young man in the crowd after already exchanging words, hm maybe a bad night for Langston. But better luck next time in Philly.

Sarah Schaefer graced the stage, with sarcasm at it’s finest. She hit it off big with the crowd when “Free Meek” became her best line haha.

Thanks for showing Philly love, much appreciated. ❤


We had great performances from some artist grace the stage. My personal favorite being PnB Rock who always gets the crowd hype when he’s on stage! Great performance @pnbrock!

I was introduced to some new music by a mixture of different artists. One of the artist by the name of Grace Mitchell with the most amazing bed-head hair you’ve ever seen in your life. 😍 She has such a great singing voice and guitar skills were on point @gracemitchell! S/O to the band as well.

This event not to shabby, Shout out to Spotify and Hulu. I will continue my support as a loyal customer. I hope there are more events to come.

Check out some pictures and a clip for last night’s event. (I’m working on getting a better camera)



Erika Flythe


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