Life’s Harsh Reality


I don’t know about you all, but I found that way to often I typically look for the easy way out. Feeling as if I lost my ability to work hard, be diligent, and be dedicated. Which is definitely not the case. At a point I felt like I lost my drive and my will to do positive things. Things that will push me to educate myself and develop and grow. But I was distracted, Distracted by reality. Too busy allowing relationships, friendships, family, and the urge for social media, take me away from what’s really important. “Now, I don’t know about you, but that’s not a good reason to put your life on hold.” Then something struck me to realize, that if I continue to be wrapped up and content with where my life is now , how will I continue to progress?

If we can all agree on one thing, it’s that we all want to be genuinely happy in life. Have the natural ability to wake up and feel free and happy. WELL here’s a secret: YOU CAN. If you have a goal: reach your goal. Don’t allow life to distract you with negative vibes or bad energy. If you put in the hard work you can enjoy the benefits of hard work uplifting your life and becoming happy.

QUESTION: How do you think your favorite music artist became who they are today?  Very rarely does luck have anything to do with it.

They took their dream and invested in themselves 100%. That’s what we all need to do, become invested and dedicated to ourselves and our lives. Now of course we want to reap the benefits of hard work, but we can’s skip the work that goes into that. Commit to yourself. Commit to your dreams. Go after it!

“In order to have success, you have to want it as bad as you breathe!”

If you truly want something, don’t be afraid to work for it. Too many of us are afraid of putting in  the hard work, so we complain, claim it’s to hard, and ultimately give up on things that we have great potential succeeding at.

Don’t fall victim to the reality syndrome & stop following your dreams. Achieve those dreams and goals you have, with hard work, diligence, and dedication and you will allow yourself to soar to heights you never imagined. Then you can enjoy reality all you want.

“You can’t cheat life, so you might as well play to win!”

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