R.E.S.P.E.C.T My Emotions.


Emotions are like a one size fits all package deal. We get happy, we get sad, mad and all the emotions in between, but what makes us different, is how we “feel” these emotions. Our individual feelings, are extremely IMPORTANT! Learning how to respect people and their boundaries can make the world of difference. Be able to understand that it is okay, if someone does not like the same thing as you or agree on something & vice versa, [If we were all the same, where would the fun be in that?]

Imagine how it feels when people judge you?  Now consider who are we to judge someone else based on their decisions or feelings?

From personal experience, I allowed others the satisfaction of being in control of the way I felt for way to long! It began pushing the idea that my feelings, opinions, and emotions weren’t important enough to be valued by others. Which in turn broke me down making me feel weak. After enough sulking in sorrow, I decided I was going to fight back, to find my strength. VOICE my emotions, opinions, and values without allowing anyone the opportunity to think they can control that.

Learn how to stand up and fight back – make the demand for respect clear and be unapologetic for how YOU feel!

I hope you challenge yourself to fight back! Being free and in control of your life is the first step to living freely and being proud of who YOU are.

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