Personal Strength. Personal Love. Personal Happiness.


Hi everyone,

Did you miss me? Haha. With the new year kicking off, there were some unexpected stones thrown at me, but luckily through strength and prayer I was able to dodge them all and continue pushing through. But I am back in full effect. (:

Hm, for tonight’s post I would like to indulge In a more sensitive topic: ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIPS

It’s something we all are familiar with it, whether seeing it in the media or personally experiencing it. Truly sad, knowing how common these types of relationships our especially in this day and age.

And let me make this clear, an abusive relationship can come from many different outlets..

Relationships (‘lovers”)

Friendships (“bestfriends”)

Family (mom, dad, sis, bro, etc.)

Work (“manager” or “co-workers”)

Men or women can be victims of these relationships or on the other hands being the ones doing the abusing. It’s a two way street. Either way, any type of abuse is not acceptable and it should not be taken lightly. Abuse can be verbal, mental, emotional, and more commonly physical. If your peace of mind is ever threatened by another or you lose your sense of happiness than these are forms of abuse and you do not deserve this. NO ONE DESERVES THIS. If there are people in your life, that you constantly go to war for and they don’t do the same for you, well then it’s time to STOP putting yourself first in their battle. Be stronger and become the most important person in your life..

I myself, have experienced these types of relationships a lot in my life and guys i’m only 22 years old. The abuse was coming from my family, from a man I loved and was spent wasted 3 years of my life with, and friends who weren’t even remotely concerned with my well being unless it directly affected them, and let’s not forget work. How I had invited all these damaging toxic relationships in my life was beyond me, and to be so blind to the damage that it has caused was insane. It wasn’t until recently that I became strong enough to fight back against all of these relationships that caused negative vibes and energy! I became fed up trying to make sure other people loved me and were happy with me that I totally ignored the fact that I wasn’t happy and had no love for myself. It’s heart breaking to actually look back at my old self. I could go in to a million different stories about how I became broken by the people I love, but that would do nothing but encourage more bad energy when all I want to do is spread positivity and be happy. Instead, I want to focus on how I got to my breaking point in 2016 and how breaking ties to these detrimental relationships has helped shaped me to be happier, healthier, and stronger.

Constant Prayer. Constant longing for an escape. Then finally, I woke up. I realized it wasn’t my life that I was trying to escape from, it was the people around me. I knew I wanted to be happy but HOW? I started searching inside myself for answers. I tried changing things about myself, and I still wasn’t happy I actually felt worse about my life. Seeing that did not work, I started evaluating my personal life. I knew there was a real problem when I didn’t feel blessed when I woke up, I felt burden due to my surroundings. Feeling trapped by those around me. Something had to give, and when noticing the things I did for others and how they couldn’t even see how I always there to help. I had to let go. Letting go was one of the hardest thing I ever had to do but it was my only option. I had an epiphany: It was time to stop making excuses and start making decisions. HARD DECISIONS. I was done making excuses for my job: I stayed because of the money. I was tired of making excuses for my family: I helped out because I only get one mother and family in general. I was tired of making excuses for my bf: I stayed because I loved him. I was tired of making excuses for my friends: I only hung out with you guys because I was afraid of being alone. It came to a point where these excuses were just not enough anymore. I changed and I stopped hanging on and when I let go, things changed and changed for the better. It may have taken me a longer time than expected to come to where I am now, but i’m thankful that God is by my side helping me make those decisions that were best for me.

Sorry for the lengthy post guys, but this was such a sensitive topic for me and I want this epidemic of unhappy, unhealthy relationships to end. We all deserve to be at our highest peak of happiness as God planned for us. My goal is to support you all in your journey of finding yourself and I pray that the abundance of blessings allow us all to live a better life.

With much sincerity and love,

Erika Flythe

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