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WooHoo, You made it to a new year!! I pray that you all brought in 2017 safe and sound. Now that it’s here I hope we are all ready for a positive and successful year!

Ready, set, GOAL!

Goals, goals, goals. In my previous blog I went over all the grand things that happened to me over the past 12 months in 2016, which were all the things I prayed for and applied to my Vision board. Now that 2017 is here, of course I did the same thing. This is in order to push myself to where I need to be and hold myself accountable to achieve the things I want out of my life. Now, If you’re similar to me, you probably have about a million and one things to do each day during the work week. Whether it’s a routine or something new, no matter what things have to get done.

While we are busy getting things done for work, family, or even our pets, many of the times we forget to do something we love or directly for ourselves. It’s important to take a moment and think, “Well what have I done this week that made me happy?” or ask yourself what do you look forward to doing every week that makes you happy? Identifying the things and participating in these activities give us ample time to focus on ourselves and have a moment to unwind.

Myself, personally I look forward to meeting new people! Yes, I meet new people everyday, but when the week is over, my favorite part is revisiting those encounters and developing ways that we can benefit one another or support each other in our dreams. I believe having these different interactions with people are the best because it gives me a chance to voice my ideas and express what I am passionate about as well as getting to know them. Networking is a deep aspect of my life and I absolutely adore it. It’s amazing at who you meet, what they know, what they do, and what they are passionate about.

To get your brains stimulated and motivated for the New Year, let’s hear it! What is one of the things you look forward to every week?


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