Relationship who? Relationship what?

CaptureIt’s no secret to any of us that relationships are tough.

But honestly I believe the hardest part of relationships is being able to love your partner no matter. The good days when you find happiness sitting on the couch laughing for hours and especially on the bad days where they push you to the limit where you “think” Life would be better off without them but you know deep down in your heart it won’t.

Relationships require the ability to love each other everyday and being able to love each other a little more on the days we need it most. With respect playing a big part in relationships,  when we don’t get the things we want or need from out relationships, it tends to be common for millennials to give up and walk away from relationships but I believe that instead of giving up or giving in, it’s vital to use the (3 C’s) Consider, Compromise , and Communicate.

Consider what you want and what your partner wants. How they would feel and what they would think is important to think about without avoiding your own personal needs and wants.

Compromise with one another, make it so that both of you are happy with the outcome.

Communicate how you feel. Hopefully you are all comfortable with sharing your thoughts and feelings with each other that communicating doesn’t become a chore in the relationship.

I feel that using the (3 C’s) provides an opportunity for us all to sit back and truly consider someone else makes us realize that our love goes beyond just us. Trust me it helps when you don’t have much patience too!


What are your thoughts?  How do you make your relationship work? I need answers lol.

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